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Online Player Profile with Highlight Video Webpage

College Soccer Connector, LLC ( "College Soccer Connector") will provide you with an Online Player Profile that you will be able to continually access and update. The Player Profile Webpage will give you the ability to upload your photo, and a video highlight tape from You Tube or your desk top. The Player Profile Webpage will allow coaches to immediately see you in action. (If you do not have a highlight video to upload, CSC can arrange to professionally film and create a highlight video for you.) You can also print your player profile and take it to interviews or distribute it at tournaments. You will be able to include the link to your Personal Online Player Profile in your correspondence to coaches. When a coach asks you for a highlight video, you will be able to give the coach immediate access to your highlight video and the coach will be able to view your profile with just a click of the mouse!
Sample Profile
College Soccer Coach Database and Search Tool

Your CSC Membership will provide you with access to CSC's College Soccer Coach Database that lists every NCAA Division I, II and III Men's and Women's Soccer program and the coach's contact information. The database contains key information about each program, including the:
  • College Name
  • Head Coach's Name
  • Head Coach's Current Email Address and Phone Number
  • Division
  • Conference
  • Athletic Website
  • State
  • Region
  • Team Rankings

The College Soccer Coach Database will make contacting college coaches very efficient. It can take up to 15 minutes to locate a coach's contact information on a college website. But, with the College Soccer Coach Database, it will take seconds. As a result, you will be able to send emails to coaches much more quickly than players that do not have access to the CSC College Soccer Coach Database. CSC updates the database annually.

Do searches on the CSC Database to create a list of target colleges that fit your preferences for soccer division and geographic location that can be sorted by the team's level of play.

Personal Address Book

Instantly create an address book that lists only the coaches e-mail addresses and phone numbers for the coaches at your favorite colleges from the College Soccer Coach Database by clicking on a single button! Your CSC Personal Address Book will remain available for your continued use.

Automated Player Profile Distribution

Would you like to distribute your Player Profile to college coaches? College Soccer Connector can do that for you. Just add the colleges that you want to contact to your Personal Address Book, and with one click an e-mail with your Player Profile will be sent to up to 100 coaches.

Additionally, subsequent distributions are available for a small fee whenever you need them.

Sample Profile Distribution
Recruitment Timelines and Recruitment Rules Guides

Know what to do and when to do it with the CSC Recruitment Timelines and Recruitment Rules Guides. The CSC Recruitment Timelines and Recruitment Rules Guides will help you to get recruited by making sure that you meet all of the requirements to become a successful recruit on a timely basis. The Timelines are organized on a monthly basis beginning in your freshman year and continuing through your senior year. There is a separate Timeline for each NCAA Division because each Division's recruitment process moves at a different pace, has different requirements, and has different recruitment and amateurism rules. The NCAA recruiting rules are described in simple, easy to read language in each Guide.
Resource Center

CSC has a huge resource center which contains numerous articles about the college soccer recruitment process. The titles of a few of the articles are listed below:
  • What are the Differences Between DI, DII, and DIII Soccer Teams?
  • Making a Highlight Video
  • How to Make a List of Colleges that Will be a Good Fit for You
  • How to Get an Interview With a College Coach
  • How to Prepare for a Meeting or Interview With a College Coach
  • Printable List of Questions for a Coach Interview
  • Guidelines for the Initial Phone Communications With a College Coach
  • Scholarship & Financial Opportunities in a Nutshell
  • The DIII "Commitment" Process is Very Different from the DI Commitment Process

New recruitment articles are always being added by the CSC Recruitment Consultants.

Sample Letters and Template Letters

CSC has a second resource center filled with over 35 sample letters and template letters to make correspondence with college coaches look professional, personalized, and take less time to create.

CSC has sample letters and emails to coaches in every category needed during the recruitment process so that CSC members can review sample letters to help them create their own correspondence to coaches. With the CSC Templates there is no need for CSC members to spend hours drafting letters and emails to coaches. Simply fill in the blanks with your personalized information and create a communication to your coach quickly. Then use the system available only through College Soccer Connector to create coach emails quickly with the use of the CSC College Soccer Database. You can send out 30-60 individualized letters swiftly with the CSC College Soccer Recruitment System.

Individual Add-Ons Pricing
Additional Player Profile Distributions

  • Receive additional Player Profile distributions as needed.
  • Select up to 100 college coaches per distribution.
  • $5.95 per distribution

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    Club and Team Packages Pricing
    CSC Team Membership

  • Provide your team with all the benefits of membership (features as above)
  • Available to groups of 12 or more players from the same team
  • Annual membership package with substantial savings per athlete
  • $39.95 per player per year

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    CSC Club Membership

  • Provide your Club with all the benefits of membership (features as above)
  • Available to groups of 80 or more players from the same Club
  • Annual membership package with substantial savings per athlete
  • $29.95 per player per year

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