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The formation of College Soccer Connector, LLC ( "College Soccer Connector") arose from our awareness that student-athletes and their families are not adequately educated or informed about the entire college soccer recruitment process.


The college search process is an overwhelming task. Choosing the right college is also one of the most important decisions you and your child will make for his or her future. If your son or daughter wants to play soccer at the college level, the college process becomes more involved. It is imperative that academics, athletics and financial parameters are all considered and not compromised. Many parents and high school athletes alike are unaware of the college recruiting process and the time involved to generate a successful outcome. It is the goal of College Soccer Connector to assist the families of soccer players throughout the college soccer recruitment process so that the players may be successfully recruited to play college soccer. College Soccer Connector is an investment in your child's future.


College Soccer Connector will help you develop a personalized marketing campaign to promote and connect you with college soccer coaches, including a Personal Player Profile Webpage where your player highlight video may be uploaded. Your Personal Player Profile Webpage may be quickly and easily sent out to college coaches by sending the coach the link.

College Soccer Connector's Division I, II and III Timelines offer detailed "to do" lists recommended for specific periods over your high school years. The Timelines are designed to keep you on track to enhance your ability to be successfully recruited to play college soccer. Timely completion of the timeline tasks will enable you to maximize your exposure and marketability to college soccer coaches.

College Soccer Connector will guide you through a college search and show you how you can efficiently generate a list of colleges that will be a "good fit" for you. You can limit your search to suit your personal criteria, such as colleges located in a particular geographic region, and to soccer colleges in a specific division. In addition, the College Soccer Connector Target Search Tool will help you organize the colleges in terms of team level of play or alphabetical order.

College Soccer Connector's experts have utilized their experience and knowledge to create a comprehensive Resource Center providing information to educate and simplify the entire recruitment process. These articles, resources and helpful links explain every component of the recruitment process including NCAA recruitment rules, finding the right college camps, how to get coach interviews, the commitment process, and scholarship and financial opportunities.

A major benefit of the resource center is College Soccer Connector's trademark Sample Letters and Templates, which cover virtually every possible letter or email that an athlete may have to send to a coach. Writing letters and emails to coaches is one of the primary tools that you have to market yourself to your favorite coaches and it can be very time consuming. But with College Soccer Connector's Templates, you can send out emails to coaches by filling in the template blanks with your personal information. You will save an extraordinary amount of time when you use a template rather than drafting your own letter to a coach. The Sample Letters and Templates provide parents and potential college athletes with an immediate and comprehensive turnkey communications campaign that provides coaches with the information that they are seeking in a professional manner while saving you countless hours devising your own material and wondering whether it is effective.

College Soccer Connector will provide families with access to a College Soccer Coach Database that contains key information about each college's soccer program, as well as contact information for every NCAA Division I, II and III men's and women's soccer coach. The Database speeds up letter writing to coaches because you do not have to search the college's website for the coach's address. College Soccer Connector will supply you with the tools to transfer this data into your own personal address book so that you can easily access and utilize the data to communicate with college coaches.

College Soccer Connector's Automated Profile Distribution allows you to conveniently send your personal player profile electronically to one hundred colleges of your choice at one time. The Automated Profile Distribution gets you exposure to 100 coaches in minutes!


College Soccer Connector specializes only in one sport, SOCCER! The College Soccer Connector Recruitment System was developed by a team of consultants with extensive experience in soccer, college showcasing and the recruitment process working closely with experienced business innovators, web developers and legal researchers to create the most comprehensive guide to college soccer recruitment.

The staff has followed the CSC program with their own children, resulting in numerous recruitment offers from targeted colleges and wrapped up their college recruitment process early resulting in a STRESS FREE senior year.


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