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CSC provides you with all the information, knowledge and tools to help your child find the right college soccer program.

CSC specializes only in soccer and was designed to educate, organize and simplify the recruitment process. The CSC Recruitment System will promote your academic and soccer background to coaches in a professional manner that is certain to get their attention.

Please review the Features that come with a CSC Recruitment System Membership.
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Tournament Player Higlight Video / Game DVD
Launch your recruitment campaign by sending your link with your Player Profile and Highlight Video Webpage to the coaches at the colleges that interest you.

Easily update your athletic achievements, academic accomplishments and upcoming tournament schedule.
Separate DI, DII, and DIII timelines to keep athletes on the recruitment track by informing athletes when to visit colleges, attend college soccer camps, register with the NCAA, make a video, and go on official and unofficial visits.

The NCAA recruiting rules are described in simple, easy to read language in each Guide.
Our trademark sample letters and templates save you time and cover virtually every possible letter or email that an athlete may need to send to a college soccer coach.

There are over 35 sample letters and template letters to choose from!
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Use the College Soccer Coach Database to immediately find every DI, DII, and DIII soccer coach's contact information and athletic website, including the college's division, conference and team ranking.

Instantly create an address book that lists only the coaches e-mail addresses and phone numbers for the coaches at your favorite colleges from the College Soccer Coach Database by clicking on a single button!
Create a list of target colleges that fit your personal preferences for soccer division and geographic location. Your target list may be organized alphabetically or in order of the team's level of play. Jump start your college recruitment by having College Soccer Connector send your Player Profile to up to 100 colleges of your choice! Large online library of recruitment articles to give athletes the inside track on the recruitment process, including topics such as the differences between DI, DII, and DIII soccer programs, how to make a highlight video, scholarship and financial opportunities, and how to get an interview with a college coach.
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